UNN website is under intensive construction. Check back regularly for developmental updates.

Unique News Network (UNN) is an upstart news network that provides bit-sized minute news (audio, video) clips that highlight political, social, and racial events around the country – focused news without all the clutter!
According to the words of the late Congressman John Lewis “When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up, you have to say something, you have to do something.”

Today more than ever technology has become the vanguard that has shed the perils of injustice in a much brighter light. Unique News Network (UNN) is being developed to be a news station that provides “bite-sized” video report segments that will be created, submitted, and edited, by everyday citizens that want the stories that effect their lives, their communities, to be told – from their perspective!

There are many layers to developing the infrastructure for this type of endeavor; it will surely evolve as the we ride the technical and journalistic waves. Concerning the website, the UNN team has done what is becoming our newfound tradition: as a form of participation and transparency we’ve left the site – www.uniquenewsnetwork.com – up for public review. Sort of like watching the phases of a house being built on your street! Keep passing by to see how things are developing!
The Unique News Network team welcomes all feedback, suggestions, and opinions! This is a community effort – by the people, for the people!